Say hello to the newest Descendant release, the much awaited 4.0.0. Here you can read about all of the new changes welcomed in this release. Enjoy!


  • Improved Brightness Bar behaviour.
  • Improved overall Quick Status Bar Header looks.
  • Improved notification responsiveness in Notification Panel.
  • Introduced Blur in notification panel.
  • Introduced new activity animations.
  • Introduced Keyguard affordance option under
  • Settings -> Security -> Lockscreen preferences.
  • Introduced special captive portal servers for chinese userbase.
  • Aggressive battery has been improved.
  • UI is now more aware of devices with rounded corner.
  • Introduced Settings restyling.
  • Full Italian translations.
  • Introduced linking/unlinking ringer volume and notfication under: Settings -> Sound.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Scramble PIN feature to work.

  • Synced to latest Phh sources

Now hurry, head over to the Downloads page for the Treble images, so as for device specific zips including:

Other device specific builds will soon be available at the Downloads page.

Edit: Descendant 4.0.1 is released, this is the changelog:

  • Solved non booting issues
  • Re-synced to latest Phh sources