Descendant OneDotThree

New Features:

  • QS Customizer
    • You can now select the shape of your QuickSettings in:
    • Settings -> Display -> QS Customizazion
  • Replaced AOSP digital Lockscreen with Descendant Analog Clock;

  • Black UI style it’s now available in:
    • Settings -> Display -> Background color
  • The background in search settings now respects system background on-click event;

  • Brightness thumb icon revamped;


  • Swipe down on a recent card is now available in:

  • Launcher3 Settings -> Clear all on swipe down from recents

  • Recents corner are now roundy to keep OS design consistency

Misc features/improvements:

  • User now can select whether to show or not power menu on a secured lockscreen in:
    • Settings -> Descendant -> Power menu
  • Notification log added in:
    • Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Notifications -> Notification log
  • Improved performance for low-mid tier devices

  • Uniformed icon style in Descendant app


  • Fixed missing icon for double tap to sleep on lockscreen

  • Fixed a mistake over Huawei phones that was preventing users to correctly use Fingerprint gestures

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing AnExplorer to gain write access over SD Card

  • Fixed an issue with the Battery preference crashing in Settings

  • Fixed an issue with SD Card exploring via Settings

GSI Updates:

  • Synced to latest phh sources 15-10-2018