Given the recent events, and after noticing the urge of users to be able to use Descendant on their devices without having to apply for maintainership, we have decided to make the project open source again. Source code is available at

We are also happy to launch Descendant’s Developer Community. 🎉 Keeping it short, ROMs that include code from Descendant and wish to join, will be included in our developer community directory, and will be publicly displayed, including names of the people who represent it, in our website. We welcome everyone who wishes to build their project using our sources, or parts of it, as well as everyone interested in submitting code back to Descendant itself. We are also opening a Developer Community chat in which users can come and talk to the Descendant team regarding issues they find while using Descendant’s code, or to ask for tips or questions regarding Descendant or any of its forks. This chat can be accessed here through our Hub, @Descendant_Developer_Community.

We will also update our EULA, adding the following changes and effective now:

Descendant’s released open-source code is now free-to-use. In layman terms, we are now open to community contributions, and welcome the usage of our source code in other ROMs. All 3rd party contributions that improve, rework or rebase parts of official Descendant source code, will be considered for being merged into the main project. These same ROMs that contribute, use, or are built on top of any part of our source code, will also proudly be displayed in our Descendant Developer Community directory, if they wish so.

Apart from the changes we’ve done about sources and the way the project works, we will be merging Device and Treble support as one group. Plus, after the feedback gathered from the community, download speeds from our server are now increased.

Thank you for your support.