Here is the OneDotFive changelog, enjoy.

UI design changes

  • Solved a problem that was still preventing a correct icon tinting on notification while using Black Theme.
  • Brightness controlbar is now on QS footer.
  • New battery styles available in:
  • Settings -> Descendant -> Miscellaneous
  • User can now handle the System Animation speed under:
  • Settings -> Display
  • Redesigned Descendant’s logo, icons and bootanimation.

New Features

  • Fingerprint sensor is now capable of dismissing notifications if it’s enabled to do so in:
  • Settings -> Descendant -> Gestures -> AOSP Gestures
  • Added Less boring heads-up:
  • A feature that if enabled, will allow to show heads up only for dialer and messaging app when they are not in foreground. Available in: Settings -> Descendant -> Notifications
  • Now Playing: A feature that will find out what music is playing near you. You can find it out in: Settings -> Sound -> Now Playing
  • Volume key music controls: A feature that will allow users to control their media via long-pressing on the volume buttons while screen is off, it’s now available in: Settings -> Descendant -> Volume rockers
  • Suspend Action: A tool that will allow users to control which actions have to be suspended on screen lock is now available in: Settings -> Descendant -> Miscellaneous

Misc Enhancements

  • Airplane tile is now secured while on lockscreen.
  • When taking a screenshot, the app name will be appended to the filename.
  • Changed “Drag to add tiles” string to “Tap to add/remove tiles”.
  • Autobrightness toggle has been added to QS menu.
  • Advanced app settings category is now accessible via:
  • Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Advanced
  • Removed AppOps reported to be bugged on some devices.
  • November Security Patches
  • Hardware support updates
  • Synced to latest phh sources plus the following additions:
  • Fixed USSD for MTK devices

Be sure to get yourself a fresh version of Descendant here.