We’re going advanced. No more talking, changelog.

UI changes:

  • Clear all button in notification drawer has been centered
  • Minor tweak on battery animation gauge speed in Settings
  • Black theme has been inherited
  • Increased touch area for volume bars
  • Added charge animation on lockscreen
  • Brightness bar is 5dp thinner and now has two small icons inside
  • Chevron icon replaces the small rectangle as QS drag icon
  • Home button now has an animation based on color accent
  • Power menu button spawning will blur out the background

New Features:

  • Descendant ThumbUI An interfacethat will suite one handed use. Available under Settings -> Gestures and buttons
  • Smart notifications User can set the timespan in which continuous notification won’t trigger sounds Available under Settings -> App and notifications -> Notifications
  • Crash saver When an app will continuosly crash, user will have “Disable app” as an option in the dialog

Misc changes:

  • Launcher3 appseat has now a background color and its radius will follow system’s one
  • About phone has now Descendant a “Descendant preference category” that includes: Descendant version: tapping on it will redirect the user to Descendant blog; Do you need support?: tapping on it will redirect the user to Descendant’s support Telegram Group
  • Ambient ticker has been moved into Audio settings

Hardware side changes

  • Tracking latest phh sources plus the following additions:
    Workaround for HWC over Huawei phones;
    Workaround for BT oddities over Huawei phones;