Here it comes, a new update for your favorite custom rom! Enjoy.

ThumbUI Enhancements:

  • Google Dialer;
  • Google Messages;
  • YouTube;
  • Fixed a doubled bar in some Settings fragments like app permissions and wifi
  • QS Tile is now available

Misc Enhancements:

  • Corrected roundiness behaviour for Settings Searchbar
  • Added more drawables in Settings
  • Fixed non default false value on QS quick pulldown
  • Added Wifi sleep policies
  • Assistant can now be called with home button longpress
  • Replaced RetroMusic with Phonograph
  • New ringtones and notifications sounds
  • Reimplementation of Extended volume panel
  • Apps that weren’t updatable via PlayStore are now correctly behaving
  • Fixed a wrong behaviour of “Disable apps feature” that was preventing the disabled apps to be re-enabled
  • OTA in About Phone
  • Uptime has been reinherited in Settings
  • Removed Xiaomi capped 12mpx camera, bumped it up to 12.6mpx