After some time, here it comes. The long awaited Descendant update is ready to be flashed on your phone. Enjoy and have fun!

Here is the full changelog of the new release:

UI changes:

  • Introducing Descendant Brightness Bar
  • Introducing Descendant Battery Fragment
  • Introducing Descendant Seekbars
  • Introducing Descendant Volume Slider
  • Introducing Descendant UI Customizations
  • Introducing Descendant Wallpaper
  • Introducing “Utility”
  • Introducing “Gestures and buttons”
  • Introducing Lockscreen Clock personalization
  • Introducing Weather on lockscreen
  • Introducing Clock and Date customizations
  • About phone section has been rearranged
  • Add icons almost-everywhere in Settings
  • Lemon shape has been added to System Icons Customization

New Features:

  • Introducing Focus Mode
  • Introducing Screenrecord QS tile
  • Introducing Ambient Music
  • Introducing LEDs customization (available on devices which are led equipped)
  • Introducing ADB over network QS tile
  • Introducing Caffeine QS tile
  • Introducing Immersive QS tile
  • Introducing Full gesture mode for Cling navigation bar
  • Introducing Torch Gesture Shortcuts
  • Introducing Extended volume panel
  • Introducing Quick QS Pulldown
  • Introducing more QS personalization options
  • Introducing an option to mute notifications if screen is on
  • Introducing an option to lock powermenu usage on secured lockscreens
  • Introducing Media cover art on lockscreen
  • Introducing Screenshot tile (partial screenshot and full)

Misc Enhancements:

  • Fixed an OP Gestures problem that was preventing gesture usage when on Dialer/crashing apps
  • Improved algorithm for Descendant’s UI Customization options


  • Introducing native support for 3rd party iconpacks (this extends to Quickstep as well)
  • Introducing swipe down gestures available in Launcher settings


  • Introducing Descendant Ringtones, Alarms and Notification sounds


  • Keypads numbers will now follow system accent


  • Added Kiwi Browser
  • Added Simple Calculator

Hardware support updates

  • Synced to latest phh sources plus the following addition:
    Fixed NFC for PRA;
    Fixed an error that was preventing RIL to work on some Samsung devices;
    Fixed Daisy camera on DND error