1. What Is root?
    Due to the Linux Origin of the Android Kernel, rooting is really similar to Linux’s superuser (su), rooting is often mistakenly used to describe Unlocking the bootloader (which TL; DR: is the process you do so you can change the System (ROM))
  2. Pros?
    Rooting is a process done to gain special access over one’s phone, it’s usually done to attain access to modify your phone’s system allowing you to Adapt certain system services to your liking, bypass certain limitations or install your own Apps into the system, sometimes even for theming.
  3. Cons?
    Rooting can sometimes have its own Security problems, Due to the nature of hacking, Exploiters’ main goal on Android phones is usually to find a way to gain root access on the phone, So by Rooting your mobile, and allowing “Shady” stuff, you’re precisely opening the door to people to just enter the phone, hence why Rooting is only recommended for Someone who has a specific use for it, or knows what he’s doing.
  4. Should I root?
    Depends, if you know what you’re doing and your precise usage, it wouldn’t be hard for you to avoid security comprising exploits, if you feel comfortable with this much level of access, Go Ahead! But remember, with Great power comes Great responsibility!!
  5. How to start?
    The most Popular Rooting Solution right now is Magisk, made by John Wu, it skyrocketed due to its support for MagiskHide which bypasses Google’s SafetyNet (“Root detection”), it’s support for system-less extensions, allowing for modules to be made whose edits are done only at boot, allowing for uninstallations to be easy due to the “temporary” nature of the installation, and the sheer support and experience provided by John Wu.