Descendant’s Brand Design History


Hey there, my name is Yunus, known as Dekamir in most of the Android community. I’m the designer of The Descendant Project and I mainly work on icons, logos and colors (duh!). Here, I want to talk about how Descendant’s logo evolved into its current state.

The Okay emoji, yes. Very funny, you’re the first.


I haven’t made the initial logo, but I recreated it to use on both boot animation and in vector shape. I don’t like working with vectors, but Android likes it since Android 5 Lollipop. If it reminds you the LineageOS’ logo, because it was meant to be. It uses a line and three circles, and the colour mind my British colour, spellchecker.


I wanted to completely redo the logo because it didn’t fit the vision because we started to change the user interface to our own and a simpler one would fit way better. So I started working on one, but simply because I was working on another projects, their themes hit my inspiration and I came up with this:

S9 community said this looks like, you know… that purple thing. They don’t like me either.

After a refreshing drink, I started from scratch and created a new, pretty simple logo. Setting the default colour of Descendant once and for all. Including the three circles again, but with connecting dots between them. All shapes have their names. Left to right respectively: The Great, The Bond, The Balance, The Detail, The Carrier.

This logo was renewed to respect Material Design 2.

Gone Away

This hits the time I wasn’t active, so I don’t know who created this one, but after I came back, I recreated the logo for usage. I also made it so it fits the Material Design 2. Changed the colors to fit Descendant’s colours.


For the current release, I have been working silently for the new logo, referencing the new design of the Android’s new version’s icon. It’s simply a lowercase “d”, with flat lighting, darker accents. I also made it round enough to fit the new design of both Descendant and Android.

I also created a colour palette. It is used whenever it is needed. Blue: 0069ba (0) Green: 00ba51 (-60) Orange: ba5100 (+180) Purple: ba0069 (+120) Violet: 8e00ba (+80) Red: ba001c (+145) Yellow: bab600 (-147)

Final Thoughts

I hope you liked this little article. If you have any questions, you can ask any questions, anytime at our Community Area. You can tag me (@Dekamir). But don’t message me privately. I have a life, mate.