Welcome to Descendant’s Developer Community.

After the effort and interest many people in the community have shown around the Descendant project, Descendant is happy to welcome everyone who wishes to build their own software on top of our codebase.

These projects will be included in our Developer Community directory, listed below. This is our way to thank all projects based on, or that use part of our code.

We are opening a free-speech, cozy chat in which Community Developers can come and talk to the Descendant team regarding issues they find while using Descendant’s code, or to ask for tips or questions regarding Descendant or any of its forks. Also, we are streamlining the user feedback process. In the Developer Community group, you can include your ideas about improving the user interface or any other feature of Descendant, you’ll be free to do so. The main purpose behind creating this group, is to allow projects that are based on official Descendant sources to interact with the main project, and at the same time, we can help people working on those projects.

This chat can be accessed here through our Hub, @Descendant_Developer_Community.

To report bugs, we will have a platform just for that for you to include as much information as possible so that it could be fixed with ease, with least user interaction.

Be the first to join! Drop us a message in the chat above and you will gladly be included in our Developer Community directory.