What Android professionals say about Descendant

Descendant, has found good friends and supporters along the way. It has registered an impact on how people perceive Android.on what it should be, on why there should be an alternative and the reasons why Descedant’s feels outstanding.

And what we are more proud of is that professionals in Android’s world are really feeling our goals, sharing our vision and enjoying what we do.

Here’s what the say about us.

“Descendant is changing Android from the ugly thing you need everyday but that stays in your closet because it is ugly, to the thing you’re happy to show everyone that comes at your place.”


“Descendant doesn’t just change how Android looks; it makes meaningful changes to Android’s behavior. Every modification is made with the goal of improving the user experience in mind.”

Ahmad Ouerfelli

“Descendant is one of the most original and innovative projects to come out in the Android community in a very long time. @dil3mm4 is doing the damn thing!”

Alex Cruz

“Descendant dev is awesome, he hates pineapple pizza.”

Ezio Lacandia Bijelkic

“Definitely a unique OS.”